Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sometime things just come together...

Non-sense production's "pieces" was chosen as winner of Best Film in the 2005 48 Hour Film Project in Nashville. Now we go on to the international competition, where our film will be judged against winners from the roughly thirty or so 48 Hour cities around the world. If we are chosen as one of the 5 best, we will then make another 48 Hour Film, going for the grand prize.

Here's our winning film, pieces.

Here's info on the 48 Hour Film Project.

Here's info on all this year's winners in Nashville.

The "pieces" team:
Cast: Kai Porter, Abigail Hall, Lucas Lord
Director: Trey Mitchell
Producers: Greg Hallmark, Josh Lagersen, Erin Mercer, Trey Mitchell, Ken Scruggs
Cinematographers: Josh Lagersen & Erin Mercer
Editor: Greg Hallmark
Set Design: Andrea Cunningham
Writers: Caryn Cast, Nate Griffin, Abigail Hall, Josh Lagersen, Lucas Lord, Erin
Mercer, Trey Mitchell, Kai Porter, Ken Scruggs, & Tonya Stroud
Casting: Trey Mitchell & Ken Scruggs
Audio: Mike Driskill
Music Supervisor: Ken Scruggs
Composer: Caryn Cast
Players: Caryn Cast - Piano Lin Crowson - Bass
Catering/Publicity: Michelle Mitchell

Greg Hallmark